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10 reviews for Clonazolam .5mg/ mL Bulk

  1. Duncan McDonald

    Everything was exactly as claimed. I chose this company for all of the other positive reviews. This is one more. The delivery took just over 48 hours. I must say I am immensely satisfied with

  2. Miranda gates

    As always, ordering online was a pleasant and efficient experience. Once again the product was received in a very timely manner, just two days after the order was placed. I could not ask for better service. Very pleased overall.

  3. Justin

    Worldwide delivery to Japan only took 2 weeks by post. I was actually a little surprised it got here that quick. Everything arrived securely and intact. The envelope it arrived in was rather mundane looking. Materials were well package. Would order from them again.

  4. Spencer

    There is good research to be done and there is a good company for it so choose this place. Do it. Best shipping times, best customer service, these peeps are the bee’s knees. Bonafide, there are people out there who have never heard of this company that would recommend this company.

  5. Kendahg

    Great quality product, I have not had any problems personally in my studies so far. To keep it discreet I see why they use envelopes and there’s no tracking for it. I know it sucks to have to wait unknowingly if the product will arrive but it has its reasons and I believe it would be better this way!

  6. Micheal

    I’ve been using for my research needs for various synthetic tryptamine compounds and how they vary from their organic cousins. There high quality products and safety precautions, I plan on continuing them as my substituted tryptamine supplier and other chemistry needs.

    Thank you

  7. Jack

    Items arrived sooner than expected. So we’re well placed that I failed to find the second item in the package. Responses were always met quickly and to the point. Highly recommend them. You know it is safe, that’s worth the extra cost that some may think. Just my two cents…

  8. Barbara Gonzalez

    You can trust this lab. What they give you is perfect for research. Doesn’t really need to be tested ahead of time, either. I look forward to more research, and potentially ordering more chemicals.

  9. Claire marchildon

    Very reliable and straightforward service. Delivers product as promised in a simple and timely manner.

  10. Trevor

    Best Place to Source and Purchase your Analytical Samples Online . Great Selection of Research Chemicals and the Quality is Superb. All 3 of my orders arrived safely in under 3days. Was able to start researching sooner than expected. Customer Service is a 10 as well .

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